I can be myself when am with

I Can Be Myself When I Am With You.
Your Idea Of Romance Is Dimlights, Softmusic, And Just The Two Of Us.
Because You Make Me Feel Like,Like, Like I Have Never Felt Before.
I Can Tell You Anything, And You Won’t Be Shocked.
Your Undying Faith Is What Keeps The Flame Of Love Alive
You And Me Together, We Make Magic.
We’re A Perfect Match.
Thinking Of You, Fills Me With A Wonderful Feeling.
Your Love Gives Me The Feeling, That The Best Is Still Ahead.
You Never Give Up On Me, And That’s What Keeps Me Going.
You Are Simply Irresistible
I Love You Because You Bring The Best Out Of Me.
Your Terrific Sense Of Humor
Everytime I Look At You, My Heart Misses A Beat
You’re The One Who Holds The Key To My Heart
You Always Say What I Need To Hear (You Are Perfect).
Love Is, What You Mean To Me – And You Mean Everything.
You Are My Theme For A Dream.
I Have Had The Time Of My Life And I Owe It All To You.
And, Of-Course, Your Intelligence,
Cause You Were Smart Enough To Fall In Love With Me!!