I can see you sitting there youve

I can see you sitting there
You-‘ve just walked in
You-‘ve chosen to sit in front of me
You-‘re sitting next to another girl
But you-‘re still watching me from the corner of your eye
She-‘s lucky you next to her
It scares me to think of the possibilities
The possibility of you two falling for each other
You-‘re a perfect match
Unlike you & I…it-‘ll never happen
She-‘s twice as lovely
I-‘m trying to do some revision
But I seem to be focusing on you.
You-‘re still watching me & I-‘m still watching you
We both know it-‘s pointless
She-‘s started to talk to you
You respond smiling the same smile I could die for
She smiles back, her face brightens
My face darkens with pain
I feel a sudden headache start
Your eyes are fixed on each other
Then you laugh & turn away
She knows your feeling for her…& so do I
I know she wants your attention
I know you-‘re giving it to her
She-‘s everything I-‘m not, why wouldn-‘t you go for her?
The thought kills me
I slowly place my head down & wrap my arms
Around it until I see total darkness
I hear your chair turn
You must have looked at me before turning back
I look up again & just miss you
Your silent, I can-‘t work out why
What hides behind your smile?
A big heart or a big head?
Just wish I knew what you-‘re really like
I thought you were different
So why do you seem the same…
I know I love you but the more I get to know you
The more I wish I hadn-‘t fallen for you
I spent the rest of the lesson with my head down
You spent the rest of the lesson in silence
What were you thinking?
You-‘ve become serious -— it makes me feel guilty
The lesson ends & the bell rings
I lift my head -— you quickly leave
I slowly walk out after you….
What will the next lesson be like…?
For it is soon, I fear what-‘ll happen…
I don-‘t need the extra stress,
Yet I have brought it upon myself…
I know what I feel, just afraid to say it…
Since you can-‘t hear me…
I-‘ll say it silently…
I think I love you…