I cant go to sleep i8217m just

I Cant Go To Sleep I’m Just Thinking Of You,
All Of The Feelings Coming Through My Soul
When I-‘m With You, Nowhere Else I Want To Be
It-‘s Just Right
You With Me

You Make Me Melt When You Kiss Me
You Make Me Faint When You Touch Me
I Have All These Emotions, Never Felt This Way About Anyone In My Life
I-‘m So Happy I Want To Cry, The Fact That I-‘m With My Dream
Your Perfect In Everyway, I Lived For Someone Like You
I-‘m Wide-Awake Thinking Of You
You Must Be An Angel,No Other Explanation
These Feelings Are Real,Not Just Dreams Or Fantasy
I Love Being With You
Just Watching The Stars, So Special With You
I Don-‘t Care What Anyone Else Has To Say
It-‘s Just You And Me
I-‘m Sometimes Cry Myself To Sleep With Thoughts Of You
These Are Tears Of Happiness, You-‘re All I Want
Everything Else Is Meaningless
I Don-‘t Know How To Explain How I Feel
But I Know That Its For Certain And True
I Can Honestly Say I Love You
While I Cant Go To Sleep Without Thinking Of You