I do not want to end my

I Do Not Want To End My Life
So How Can I Sit Here With This Knife
I Hold It Here With No Fear
Im Not Scared Of Dying
Beacuse It Has To Be Better Than Crying
Everyday Of My Life
So As I Pull This Knife
Across My Wrist
I Start To Think Will I Even Be Missed
You All Say You Care
But None Of U Are Ever There
To See Me When Im Down
To Help Lift Me Up Off The Ground
I Tried To Stop But Its To Late
I Guess This Will Have To Be My Fate
I Wish You Were There
To Show Me That You Care
But You Dont I Can Tell
None Of You Know The Hell
I Go Through Everyday
I Just Want The Pain Inside To Go Away
I Try To Hide The Cuts From You
But This Is My Life There Is Nothing You Can Do
As I Dropp The Knife I Kno This Will Be The End Of My Life