I dont know what will happen tomorrow

I Don-‘t Know What Will Happen Tomorrow
Are Our Ways Together Or Apart
All I Know Today Is
Without You I Am Along, You Are My Lives Special Part
The Birds Will Sing Love Duets
The Wind Will Flow Too
But Will Things Remain The Same The Way They Are Now
I Don-‘t Really Have A Clue
As The Moments Pass Away
They Leave Me In Wonder
After The Moments Is It Beginning Of Us Together In Real
Or These Are The Only Moments That We Have With Us-Â…-Â….
I Dream Of Holding Your Big Strong Hand
Walk Step By Step With You In Sand
Kiss Your Forehead, Lean On Your Shoulder
All I Can Say Is, I Want To Grow With You Older
So No Matter What Happens Tomorrow,
I Can Clearly See
You Are My True Love
And I Will Always Love Thee!