I feared being alone until learned to

I Feared Being Alone
Until I Learned To Like
Myself. I Feared Failure
Until I Realized That I Only
Fail When I Don’t Try.
I Feared Success
Until I Realized
That I Had To Try
In Order To Be Happy
With Myself.
I Feared People’s Opinions
Until I Learned That
People Would Have Opinions
About Me Anyway.
I Feared Rejection
Until I Learned To
Have Faith In Myself.
I Feared Pain
Until I Learned That
It’s Necessary
For Growth.
I Feared The Truth
Until I Saw The
Ugliness In Lies.
I Feared Life
Until I Experienced
Its Beauty. I Feared Death
Until I Realized That It’s
Not An End, But A Beginning.
I Feared My Destiny,
Until I Realized That
I Had The Power To Change
My Life. I Feared Hate
Until I Saw That It
Was Nothing More Than
Ignorance. I Feared Love
Until It Touched My Heart,
Making The Darkness Fade
Into Endless Sunny Days.
I Feared Ridicule
Until I Learned How
To Laugh At Myself.
I Feared Growing Old
Until I Realized That
I Gained Wisdom Every Day.
I Feared The Future
Until I Realized That
Life Just Kept Getting
Better. I Feared The Past
Until I Realized That
It Could No Longer Hurt Me.
I Feared The Dark
Until I Saw The Beauty
Of The Starlight.
I Feared The Light
Until I Learned That The
Truth Would Give Me
Strength. I Feared Change,
Until I Saw That
Even The Most Beautiful Butterfly
Had To Undergo A Metamorphosis
Before It Could Fly.