I had a dream about you so

I Had A Dream About You A Dream So Wonderful
I Wish It Could Be Real You Were With Me Nurturing With Your Love
We Were In Our Own World All Alone
It-‘s A Place Where Fragrance Of Love Is Scattered And No Pain
It-‘s A Place Where No One Could Ever Reach
I Wish The Dream Would Turn In To Reality
But I-‘ve Realized That Its Just A Dream
In Reality Its Never The Same
In Reality Your Love Grew Tire Some
My Heart Is Torn Apart And I Couldn-‘t Stop Crying
For I Longed Every Moment To Feel Your Gentle Touch
When I Think Of Her It Pains
And In My Eyes It Rains
I Still Love You But Time Has Mended My Heart
But Never Shall Your Memory Part
And You Will Always Have A Special Place Within My Heart…
You Will Always Be The First, Who Touched Me So Deep…
And In My Heart, Will I Always Keep
Memories Of You And Me Together For Eternity…
You Taught Me How To Love And, Darling…
You Will Always Be My Only Love.