I had a moth eaten fur coat

I Had A Moth Eaten Fur Coat
That Had Seen A Much Better Day
I Think It Was Made From A Goat
I Thought It Might Sell On E-Bay
I Chopped It Up Into Small Squares
And Hoped For Some Gullible Mugs
To Bald Men Without Any Hair
They-‘d Make Smart Believable -Ë—rugs-‘
I Sold Quite A Few At The Start
My Plan Was Going Quite Well
But Then Really It All Fell Apart
When I Received This Abusive Email:
-Å—i Tried This Thing On, As You Do..
It Looked Like A Greasy Black Rat
When I Went For A Walk By The Zoo
I Was Followed Back Home By A Yak-
I Gave All These Guys My Cash Float
I Just Couldn-‘t Take All The Abuse
I Then Found The Label For My Fur Coat
It Said -ŗninety Nine Per Cent Moose-