I hate looking back at whats happened

I hate looking back at what-‘s happened,
I hate seeing you & wanting to talk,
I hate it when you look at me like you have something to say,
I hate being reminded of you by every song that I listen to,
I hate seeing other couples loved up & thinking of what we could have had,
I hate that you didn-‘t give me a chance to prove how much I love you,
I hate how you through it all away,
Though it-‘s still not too late, after everything you-‘ve put me through,
Baby if you could only see I-‘d be the luckiest girl in the world.
If I had you by my side as a friend let alone anything else,
I would have done anything to have that,
I would have fought away the world to be with you if you were willing to take me, who am I fooling?
I hate that I wasn-‘t even with you & you still broke my heart.
I never had you yet I feel as though I have lost you forever.
I-‘m slowly fading away, slowly dying,
& what hurts the most is that you know you-‘re killing me,
But you-‘re still letting me die, you could have saved me.
Baby why can-‘t you see what you mean to me,
Why can-‘t you see that I-‘m so weak without you?
Why can-‘t you see that when you smile you make my day?
When you look away I feel the pain from deep inside,
I know we-‘ll never be anything,
Because you don-‘t want it that way,
But if by Allah you could just be a friend to me,
I wouldn-‘t ask for anything more from this world.
I wouldn-‘t ask anything more of you,
Just for once -ŗJess-, please just try and understand,
There-‘s girl loves you with all her heart,
Please just this once, don-‘t break me.
Don-‘t make me cry myself to sleep tonight,
Keep me awake smiling thinking of you.
Just this once, reply to my text knowing its me texting you,
Just this once smile at me when you see me,
I may not get a chance like this again,
You might go and I-‘ll always look back with hurt,
Please change that to me looking back knowing you wanted to be my friend,
You know you-‘re special to me but you-‘re still letting it go.
Just this once I-‘m asking you to be my friend that-‘s all I-‘m asking,
I need a friend right now, I need you,
My eyes are tired of crying,
My heart is tired of hurting
& my mind is tired of thinking.
I can-‘t go on like this,
Its just as painful if not more painful than knowing you don-‘t feel the same.
I-‘m ill; you-‘re my biggest weakness,
Baby if only you could see me now,
I just wonder if you-‘d think different,
Or if you-‘d just laugh – just like the world does…
This is the last chance I-‘m giving you,
This is the last chance you have to mend my broken heart,
The last chance you have to make me smile, please do,
Let me remember you as the one that made me smile and took away my pain,
Don-‘t allow me to look back thinking you were the one that made me cry,
The one that put a stop to my life,
The one reason to why I took my life.
….I love you, but you don-‘t care….
If you don-‘t fix things now,
Then I-‘ve lost you forever,