I have been here before but it

I Have Been Here Before But It Isn-‘t The Same,
He-‘s Genuine, He-‘s Unique It-‘s Hard To Explain.
Many Will Profess Many Things It Is True,
But This Special Person Is Definitely New!

He-‘s Been A Gentleman Through And Through Since We Have Met,
And I Know In My Heart This I Will Continue To Get.
Respectful And Loving It-‘s Hard To Believe,
To Find This Gentle Man Who Is Caring To Me!
I Dedicate This Poem So You Know,
To A Man That My Friendship Continues To Grow.
We Have Not Met As Yet And May Never Will,
But To Meet Him Would Be A Fantasy Forfilled.
So You Know, Dear New Friend I Am Thinking Of You,
Can-‘t Wait To Hear From You, I Miss You I So Do.
Come Back To Me Dear All Safe And Sound,
To Continue The Special Bond That We Found!
by momacie