I have chanted ancient syllables and lifted

I Have Chanted Ancient Syllables
And Lifted The Dust Of Ages,
From The Tomb Of Unknowing
Where The Dark Ones Dwell

Faces Of Darkness And Gloom
Now Loosed Upon The World
Like A Mythic Tide, Cursing
Inundating A Chaotic Shore
They Roar!
Inside Abyssmal Caverns
Where Creatures Of The Night
Delude The World, Crushing
The Land With Unspeakable Terror!
Leviathan Has Reared His Head!
The Apocalyptic Seals Are Broken
Fire Bursts From A Darkening Sky
The Serpent Awakens
His Radiant Motions Stir
The Bowels Of The Earth
Volcanoes Erupt As People Flee
Into The Crumbling Labyrinths Of Time
Where Beasts More Vicious
Than Time’s Forgotten Reaper
Await Them With Open Jaws
And Teeth Of Knives
And Tongues Of Fire And Thunder
by Krizalid‚