I have or had a love at

I Have Or Had A Love At Some Point In Time,
That Makes Me Think And Make These Rhymes.
Love Is One Of The Hardest Words To Fully Understand,
It Is Not As If I Know About It Right Off Hand.
I Do What I Feel Is Love Or Some What,
However, Some Times Just Saying The Word To Some One Is Not Enough.
Love Is A Strong Word To Say; To The One I Say It To,
In Addition, With All The Understanding Of The Word, I Cannot Think Of Anyone To Say It Besides To You.
With Every Beat Of My Heart, I Can Write Out The Worlds Biggest Love Letter,
And At The Same Time, I Know That I Can Do Better.
It-‘s Not Just Saying, -Å—i Love You-,
However, It-‘s Also Shows In What I Do.
I Know Right Now You Are Upset With Me Nor Want To Talk,
I Am Sitting Here Praying That Our Love Does Not Get Up And Walk.
My Heart Sank The Day We Were Made To Part Our Ways,
But I Still Count The Minutes, Hours And Days.
Till We Get To See Each Other Again,
I Feel I Have Lost More Then My Wife, My Love. I Have Lost My Best Friend.
So If Love Is Just A Word, Then Why Do I Feel As I Do?
I Believe It Has Something To Do With You.
by Lost Tiger