I hear the body speak through its

I Hear The Body Speak Through Its Mouth
There Is No God There Is No God
I See The Body Wasting Itself
Like A Tree Whose Roots Are Eaten By The Fungus
But Inside That Body Is The Soul That Raises His Hands
To The Skies Looking At God And Calling His Name
My God Why Have You Abandoned Me?
There Is Only The Usual Silence And The Soul Is Restless
Anticipating To Get Out From The Body That Is Killing And Wasting Itself
And The Time Has Come For The Soul To Be Liberated To Be Alone
In Itself Moving Towards The Light, Dancing In The Dark, And Singing Out Aloud
My God Here I Am Back To You
It Is Only In You That I Find Back Peace And Happiness & Bliss.
Let That Soul Be Me My Lord