I just wonder how you are ive

I Just Wonder How You Are?
Ive Been Wishing On A Star
Spending Nights Up At The Bar
Ive Been Wondering How You Are
Its Hard Not Knowing How Youve Been
Ooo How I Love That Crazy Grin
And Miss The Softness Of Your Skin
I Wish You Were The One
I Would Give Up The Sun
How My Life Has Got Undone
I Could Have Never Imagined
The Thoughts Going Through My Head
Because I Was Born To Tell You I Love You
Oooo Yes Its Tru I Wish You Knew
But Instead You Just Flew
Just Dreaming, Watching Your Light Beaming
Thoughts In My Head Just Screaming
Ive Been Wishing On A Star
That We Would Be Riding In A Car
And That We Would Go Soo Far
That We Would Have To Play Guitar
But Now I Know Its Just Bizarre
And That Leaves A Mental Scar
Soo I Spend My Night Up At The Bar
With Nothing But A Lit Cigar
Ooo I Just Wonder How You Are