I look at the clock it says

I Look At The Clock,
It Says 1:41,
I Know Thinking Of You,
Ill Never Be Done,

You Run Through My Mind,
And Occupy All My Time,
Wondering Why You’re Gone,
And Why You’re Not Mine,
I Think Of You Constantly,
For Some Reason I Cant Stop,
Knowing That For Always,
You’ll Forever Have My Heart,
My Days Go By So Slow,
Cause You Run Through My Head,
I Said I’d Love You Forever,
Isn’t That Enough Said,
You Also Haunt My Dreams,
If You Know What I Mean,
I Wake Up Often,
With Sweats And Screams,
Why Do I Sleep By Myself,
I’m Alone In My Bed,
I Know I’ll Be Thinking Of You,
Till The Day I Am Dead,
Now Still All These Thoughts,
Just Run Through My Brain,
Cant Stop Thinking Of Nicole,
I Think I’m Going Insane,
I Feel I Wanna Kill Myself,
People Say Thats Not What To Do,
But I Turn And Look At The Clock,
And It Says It’s Only 1:42.
by Krizalid‚