I love beyond all hope for reason

I Love, Beyond All Hope
For Reason In An Insane World
Thinking Of That Love

My Heart Sings
For Once, God Be Merciful!
And Take Away The Pain
Hopeless Love Brings.
Return My Heart To Sanity
And Clear My Mind
Of All The Clutter
That Would Confuse My Soul.
Thoughts Of Love, Be Cleansed!
But, In Having A Heart Without Love
Can I Ever Truly Be Whole?
Truth-‘s Reflection In A Hall Of Mirrors Lies
Chasing My Heart Through It
Echoes, In Laughter, Of Irony
Drowning Out My Cries.
Both Of Joy And Pain, Intangible
Suffering Afflicting My Soul
Of That Most Enduring Of Gifts
One May Ever Receive, Of Love
And A Life-Long Desire To Be Whole
Is Beyond My Reach, I Believe
Each Direction I Turn, My Heart Spinning
Truth-‘s Reflection Follows Me
Showing Reality, When All I Would Pray
Is Only That This Aching My Heart Would Relieve.