I love you like were my own

I Love You Like You Were My Own Skin,
Always And Forever, Loving And Tender,
I Think Off‚  You Each Day, Every Hour
And Every Minute But I Love Thinking Off You Every Second-Â…

Because Dots The Sound Of My Heart Beat,
Never Ending, As Sweet As Your Smile,
A Tender Kiss Last For A Long While-Â…
In My Mind You-‘re Always A Thought
But In My Heart You-‘re The Most Precious
Gem Off Them All Important As The Red Stream That Flows Through My Veins-Â…
In A Short Time I-‘ve Learned How To Like U,
But Ill Spend A Lifetime Learning How To Love You
Teach Me And I Will Learn, Show And I Will Try,
Love Me And Together Happy Tears We Will Cry,
For The Same Yearning That Drives Your Soul To Mine Is Deeper Within I-Â….
I-‘m Yours Here; Now, Lets Make It Forever, Just Show Me How-Â…
by Mangunza‚