I plead to you all let me

I Plead To You All Let Me Free
Of All Your Expectations
I Wanna Get Lost In The Crowd,
I Dont Wanna Be What U Want Me To Be
I Wanna Be Myself, Happy Admiring Those Bright Stars
I Wanna Make A New Start Please Let Me….
I Dont Wanna Be There Ne More, Amongst Those Stars
I Dont Wanna Get Noticed, I Wanna Be Myself,
Whose Deeds Affect Me And Only Me
Each Time I Hurt You, Falling Short Of Your Expectations,
It Hurts Me Too, It Shatters Me Too,
I Dont Belong To Here,
Let Me Be Rooted To My Earth
Dont Keep Me On The Skies Of Ur Expectations,
Dont Keep Me In Ur Hearts
I Dont Have Eunf Left In Me.
I Wanna Make A Fresh New Start…
This Time I’ll Draw Margins Around My Heart,
Beyond Which I Wont Let Anyone Enter,
Coz I Too Have A Heart That Hurts
Tears Fall From My Eyes Too Why Should Only I Care?
Why Do Only I Have To Explain
And Each Time It Comes To Me
Why Evrything Is But Understood
You Made Me Count The Number Of Times I Hurt You
What About The Endless Nights I Havent Sleapt?
What About The Moments I Felt All Alone?
What About The Moments My Heart Pained
What About The Endless Seconds.. My Eyes Kept Waiting.
What About The Moments I Wanted To Cry? Wanted To Shout?
But Didnt Just Becoz It May Not Hurt Any Of You
Did You Even Once Think That Sumthing Can Hurt Me Too
Did You Try To Understand Me?
I Always Valued Ur Tears I Tried Never To Let U Cry.
But Did U Even Realize, What Cud Make Me Cry?
I Will Shout Today I Will Cry I Will Laugh Like Mad.
You Wanna Go Away Go Leave Me Alone…
You All Do What U Want I Never Stopped You
And You Never Stopped Either
Then Why Wud I Stop Anyone Today
My Heart Is No Longer Ready To Give U The Authority
To Rule Over It
You May Be My Love, My Sister, My Brother…
Try To Be Only A Friend Now
Stop Expecting From Me
I Have Learnt To Expect Now
I Wanna Be Me Again.
I Am Tired Of Seeing Myself Frm Ur Eyes,
I Am Tired Carrying This Burden,
I Wanna Say What I Want To
I Wanna Express The Way I Want
I Wanna Breathe Freely
I Wanna Live Once Again
I Want To Make A New Start
This World Of Glory Is Not Meant For Me,
This Brightness Is Blinding Me,
Too Much Of Noise Is Killing Me
I Wanna Go Back To My Silence
Let Me Get Lost Into The Crowd,
Let Me Be Amongst Those Many
Dont Try To Find A Jewel In Me
I Am An Ordinary Stone, Who Is Very Happy With What He Is
Let Me Free Let Me Make A New Start
Let Me Fly With My Own Wings
To That Endless Sky