I promise baby i8217ll love you with

I Promise Baby I’ll Love You
With You Forever I’ll Stay
I’ll Do Anything And Everything
To Keep Harm To You Away

I Promise Baby I Can Give You Hugs
That Only I Can Give
I’ll Honor And Protect You
As Long As I Shall Live
I Promise Baby I’ll Give You Kisses
So Sweet Forever You’ll Taste
I’ll Kiss You Until Tomorrows Here
No Kisses For You To Waste
I Promise Baby I’ll Be Here With You
Like I Know You’ll Be There For Me
I’ll Bring Happiness To Your Eyes
Love Deeper Than The Sea
I Promise Baby I’ll Never Hurt You
Forever Have No Fears
I’ll Give Up Everything
To See You Cry No Tears
I Promise Baby You Can Trust Me
I’ll Give You The World And More
I’ll Be Your Fairytale Suitor
You Shall Be My Cinderella Girl
I Promise Baby I’ll Treat You
As Every Women Shall Be
My Beautiful Royal Princess
Show You Off For Everyone To See
I Promise Baby This To You
Promises So Deep
Than He Said, ” But I’m Truly Sorry,
There Isn’t One That I Did Keep.”
by Krizalid‚