I reach for the stars and can8217t

I Reach For The Stars And I Can’t See The Friend Who Ones Stood Besides Me,
I Look And Look But Can’t See What Went Wrong In Our Friendship, Perhaps I Never Will.
Today I’m Here Thinking,
Where’s My Friend? Oh, How Lonely I Feel.
My Friend Was Special In His Own Way, He Gave Me Comfort,
Help Me When All Failed.
Where’s My Friend? My Soul Cries Out,
What Did I Do Wrong, Did I Push Him Away?
I Seek For Answers And I Find None,
Why Did I Loose My Friend?
Perhaps I’ll Never Know.
Without You My Friend I Feel Lost, Lost In A World So Cruel To Us All.
All I Can See Is The Wonderful Times We Shared,
When You Held Me In Your Arms,
Listening To My Living Hell.
So My Dear Where Ever You Are,
Remember The Good Times We Shared, Let The Past Be The Past,
For All I Have Learn Today As I Sit Down And Write,
That The Answers To My Questions Are All In One,
” I Miss You, My Friend”.