I see you and my heart skips

I See You And My Heart Skips A Beat,
I Hear Your Voice And I Feel Free,
The Look In Your Eyes Are Penetrating,
My Soul Is What You See,
My Heart Yearns For Your Devotion,
As My Love For You Has Grown,
You Left, I Vowed Never To Care,
But You Came Back And It Was All There,
All The Playful Serenity I Had Felt,
You Managed To Break Down The Walls Once More,
And Make My Heart Melt.

Now Confusion Crowds My Mind,
As I Long To Leave You Behind,
Wishing You Would Go,
But Knowing I’d Miss You,
How Could My Heart Be Free,
Knowing How Much You Mean To Me,
So Ask Me If I Care,
My Feelings I Need To Share.
It’s So Hard To Talk To You,
Knowing You Don’t Feel The Same,
To You It Was All A Game,
I Was Looking For Someone To Love,
Someone Who Would Love Me In Return,
I Would Ask You If You Care,
But Knowing You Don’t I Just Can’t Bare,
I Want To Scream And Fight,
It Would Take The Pain Away A Bit
But Now I Just Want To Cry.
Ask Me If I Care,
Tell Me Your Truth,
I Used To Be So Good At Hiding,
But Now I’m Not So Good At Lying,
Tell Me If You Care,
If Not Then I Wish You Would Just Leave,
After All, It Is A Big Web We Weave,
With All The Intricate Detail,
We Seem To Just Let Go,
Talking Seems Hard Now,
God I Wish You Would Just Go!