I swear if you were not there

I Swear If You Were Not There, I Swear If You Were Not There
Things Wud Have Been The Same Way As Have Been For Years
I Could Have Never Felt Happiness In Tears
I Swear If You Were Not There
To See You Makes Me Feel So Good, Want To Speak To You But I Cant
I Don-‘t Know If U Will Say Yes Or No
Can-‘t Say If Its Love But Definitely Something Special
It-‘s Like Thousand Of People In A Lonely Aisle
True Is What I Can Feel & See
You Being All Around Deep Inside Me
Trying To Confirm The Same From My Heart
Which Beats Up To Say, I Need To Start
But At Times Mind Argues To Say We Better Be Apart
Cos If She Says No, It Will Pain Like A Dart
Put Across Straight Into My Heart
Filled With Love For You I Am Imagining Thousand Dreams
If Even One Comes True Wud Count For Years
Wud U Make Me One Of Your Dears
It Feels To Fall In Love Once Again Here
I Swear If You Were Not There