I thank god he sent you to

I Thank God He Sent You To Me,
For You And I Were Meant To Be.
We Have A Bond Too Strong To Break,
We Have A Love No One Can Take.
In You, I Have Found A Love So True
My Heart Is Filled With Love For You.
Every Time I See You, My Heart Skips A Beat,
You Make My Life Whole, You Make My Life Complete.
My Love For You Grows More With Each Passing Day,
The Thought Of Your Gorgeous Face Takes My Breath Away:
Those Brown Eyes Fill My Soul With Happiness,
Those Luscious Lips I Love To Kiss.
The Day When I Become Your Wife,
Will Be The Happiest Day Of My Life.
Even Thinking Of That Day Makes Me Smile,
I Can’t Wait ‘Till I Walk Down That Aisle.
I Dream Of That Day When We’ll Both Say, “I Do”
For Always And Forever I Will Love You.