I think about you every single day

I Think About You Every Single Day,
I Cry Over You Each And Every Night.
Only When I’m Breathing Are You In My Thoughts,
Only When I’m Sleeping Can I Hold You Like Once Before.
Crying Has Become An Everyday Ceremony
And Missing You Is Like A Never Ending Road Without Any Exits.
I Will Wait For You Until The Last Breath Escapes My Lungs,
My Love For You Will Expire When God Commits His First Sin.
I Was Once Asked What I Thought Heaven Would Be Like.
My Answer Was “Kiss Him And You Will Know”
Maybe One Day We Could Be Together.
Maybe One Day All My Dreams Will Come True And You Will Be Mine.
But Its Seems As If Your Dreams Are My Nightmares,
And Of Course Your Happiness Is What Matteres Most.
Even If Your Happiness Includes Her Instead Of Me.
by katiesue7‚