I think of you all day wish

I think of you all day
I wish for you everyday
I want to be with you in a more than friend way
But everyway
It confuses me
One minute you are that sweet girl I love
The next your out with love
You don’t know or you don’t care
Well this time im not waiting
I don’t care
You leave for lust
I stay confused
You leave with my trust
And I stay refused
It hurts me now that I know
That when I care and when I wait confused
Wondering why you would do such things
I know your not there
Not even a little
When I try and wait
I wait for you to realize
To realize that I am here
And I wont always be here
Soon enough
I’ll tell you everything
And whatever happens happens
Our love could be enforced
Our love could be divorced
Or maybe it never existed
Just maybe
But for now I’m here
Not always to be here forever
But here waiting for you
For now I’ll always be here
Here forever in love
With a confused young woman
Who is the beautiful love of my life
And always will be!
by 123elmo‚