I thought had learned much from life

I Thought I Had Learned Much From Life,
Knew Love And Pain, Witnessed Suffering And Strife.
But I Thought I Could Take All I Believed That I Knew
Throw It Out, And Begin Again, When I Found You.

With Your Words You Deeply Touched My Soul
After Years Envisioning Being Part Of A Whole
Of A Life, Reborn, From Two Lonely Lives, One
Fiery Passion, A Love Forged In The Heat Of The Sun.
You Knew Just How To Break My Heart
Put My Feelings Aside And Tear Me Apart
Turning My Life Upside Down Right From The Start
More The Fool I, Thinking I Was So Smart.
My Emotions You Toyed With, Playing Me For A Fool
Leaving Me To Drown In An Emotional Pool.
To Learn That Love Can Be So Cruel
Is Something They Never Taught In School.