I thought that if met him would

I Thought That If I Met Him, I Would Shiver, Stumble And Fall,
I Thought I Would Shy Out And Into My Safe Shell I-‘d Crawl.
He Was So Easy To Speak With, Like A Long Missed Friend,
It Was Innocent And Fun From The Start Till The Very End.

I Thought His Eyes Would Haunt Me, And His Face I Would Not Erase
But As Handsome As He Was I Knew, That Feelings Just Had No Place
For He Was Great To Be Around, And Felt Like Family To Me
We Have The Same Blood In Our Veins; We Share The Same Country!
I Did Not Want To Leave; But It Was Finally Time To Go
Some May Miscomprehend, But This You Should Know
It-‘s Nice To Have Someone To Laugh And Play With But Still Know That You-‘re Safe
And That Is Why I-‘m Glad Your There, For With You I Found That Place.
Innocent And Pure, With A Slight Hint Of Devilish Play
How Can Anyone Resist Such A Treat, The Icing On The Cake!!