I used to fly soar up in

I used to fly, I used to soar
Up in the skies above
I used to know the joys of sunshine
And the power of true love
I used to understand my heart
And hear its silent words
But now it seems, you-‘ve broken me
Oh, my heart is screaming to be heard-Â…
Won-‘t you come and heal me now?
Take away this endless pain-Â…
Tell me that it-‘s all just a dream
And that I-‘ve imagined the rain
Hold me up towards the warmth
Of the sunshine in the sky
Oh, my sweet darling, tell me-Â…
Why-‘d you go and make me cry?
I used to say, I-‘d be all right
When hardships would come along
I-‘d let myself weep it all out
Until I knew I could move on
For I-‘ve faced the unimaginable
And survived to tell my tale
So when life through me another test
There was no way I could fail
I used to fall asleep at night
Thinking our love would make it through
But now I sometimes wonder
What I really mean to you
Can I trust you in the bad times?
Will you feed me any lies?
Have you learned from your mistakes now?
Is there truth within your eyes?
I see you come the morning
As I roll over in our bed
I-‘ve been tossing and turning all night
Past heartbreaks running through my head
I want to feel the pleasant warmth
Of the sunshine in the sky-Â…
But all I see are raindrops -—
Yes, the tears you made me cry.
by heckholt‚