I want to experience your warm body

I Want To Experience Your
Warm Body Next To Mine.
I Want To Feel Your Soft
Breasts Pressing Against My Chest
I Want To Thrill To Your
Silken Thighs Melting Into Me.
I Want To Pleasure You Until
You Beg Me To Stop.
I Want To Kiss Every Inch
Of Your Luscious Body
I Want To Have You
Cry Out In Ecstasy.

I Want To Share Your
Every Thought And Feeling.
I Want To Know Your
Joys And Your Sorrows.
I Want To Be Your
Comfort And Your Rock.
I Want Your Love And
To Be Your Craving.
I Want To Be Your
Last Thought At Night
And Your First Thought
When You Awaken.
I Want You.
That Is My Desire.