I want to see you lose myself

I Want To See You,
I Want To Lose Myself
In Your Smile,
I Want To Look At You
In The Eyes And Tell You The Truth
The Truth Is That
I Would Like To Hold You Tight To Me,
I Would Like To Bind My Heart With Yours,
I Would Like That Your Every Smile
Be Only Mine Mine Only ,
I Would Like To Take You There
Where The Stars Are The Only Light Of The Night
And Never Ever Leave You-Â…
But I Can-‘t
No I Can-‘t Stay,
I Have To Go Away Forever,
I Have To Tell You Goodbye,
I Have To Return To Her
To Her That I Can’t Love Anymore,
To Her Who Needs Me,
To Her With Whom
I Will Never Be Happy
But I Can-‘t
No I Can-‘t Leave Her,
I Cannot Steal Her Happiness,
To Give It To My Egoism!