I want you here with me tonight

I Want You Here With Me Tonight
As I Lay Down On Sheets So White,
This Pillow Of Mine Will Just Not Do
But It’s All I Have Instead Of You,
So I Hold It Close And Pull It Tight
And Picture Your Face Next To Mine Tonight.
Then Into Dreams I Gently Drift
You Will Be There And My Spirits Will Lift,
We Dance Amongst The Stars So Bright
That Twinkle In The Deep Of Night
And To Heaven’s Floor We Both Shall Fall
And Make Love All Night ‘Till Morning’s Call.
Then As The Dawn Begins To Break
From My Perfect Dream I Will Awake,
My Pillow Is Still Right There Beside Me,
The Dream Has Gone But Your Still Inside Me.
Inside My Heart And Inside My Mind,
Is Where I Can Always Find
The Pictures Of You I’ll Hold So Dear
Until The Day When You Can Be Near