I went to a party mom remembered

I Went To A Party Mom,
I Remembered What You Said
You Told Me Not To Drink, Mom,
So I Drank Soda Instead
I Really Felt Proud Inside, Mom,
The Way You Said I Would
I Didn’t Drink And Drive, Mom,
Even Though The Others Said I Should
I Know I Did The Right Thing, Mom,
I Know You Are Always Right
Now The Party Is Finally Ending, Mom,
As Everyone Is Driving Out Of Sight
As I Got Into My Car, Mom,
I Knew I’d Get Home In One Piece
Because Of The Way You Raised Me,
So Responsible And Sweet
I Started To Drive Away, Mom,
But As I Pulled Out Into The Road,
The Other Car Didn’t See Me, Mom,
And Hit Me Like A Load
As I Lay There On The Pavement, Mom,
I Hear The Policeman Say,
“The Other Guy Is Drunk,” Mom,
And Now I’m The One Who Will Pay
I’m Lying Here Dying, Mom
I Wish You’d Get Here Soon
How Could This Happen To Me, Mom?
My Life Just Burst Like A Balloon
There Is Blood All Around Me, Mom,
And Most Of It Is Mine
I Hear The Medic Say, Mom,
I’ll Die In A Short Time
I Just Wanted To Tell You, Mom,
I Swear I Didn’t Drink
It Was The Others, Mom
The Others Didn’t Think
He Was Probably At The Same Party As I
The Only Difference Is, He Drank
And I Will Die Why Do People Drink, Mom?
It Can Ruin Your Whole Life
I’m Feeling Sharp Pains Now
Pains Just Like A Knife
The Guy Who Hit Me Is Walking, Mom,
And I Don’t Think It’s Fair
I’m Lying Here Dying
And All He Can Do Is Stare
Tell My Brother Not To Cry, Mom
Tell Daddy To Be Brave
And When I Go To Heaven, Mom,
Put “Mumma’s Boy” On My Grave
Someone Should Have Told Him, Mom,
Not To Drink And Drive
If Only They Had Told Him, Mom,
I Would Still Be Alive
My Breath Is Getting Shorter, Mom
I’m Becoming Very Scared
Please Don’t Cry For Me, Mom
When I Needed You, You Were Always There
I Have One Last Question, Mom
Before I Say Good Bye
I Didn’t Drink And Drive,
So Why Am I The One To Die?