I woke on my bed in the

I Woke On My Bed,
In The Middle Of The Night,
Fear In My Heart,
Don’t Know The Reason Why…
I Asked Myself,
Is It Real Or A Dream,
And Pricked Myself,
To Feel The Pain Of Real…
Then I Saw,
Someone Walking Through The Door,
No Face It Had,
No Legs On The Ground….
I Felt It Coming,
Fast Towards Me,
I Closed My Eyes,
And Shrieked Out Aloud…
The Next Moment,
I Realized,
I Felt So Safe And Secure,
Coz I Was In My Mother’s Arms,
Cozy, Warm And Loving…
She Told Me,
It Was An Illusion,
The Model Of The Fear,
Which Ran To Reality…
From That Day On,
I Knew What Illusion Was,
But Was Happy Coz My Mom,
Was With Me All The Time