I wrote your name in sand happy

I Wrote Your Name In Sand,
Happy To See I Had You At Hand
But Alas, The Dreadful Waves Washed It Away
The Dirty Water Contaminated Your Way
I Hopelessly Dug Through The Sand To Get You Back
But You Were Gone, Without A Trace, Without A Look Back
Your Warm Presence I Could Not Feel
Your Affectionate Arms I Could Not Feel
The Tears Made Everything Appear Seem Blurry
But Even Then, I Saw You Run Away In A Hurry
I Wrote Your Name Again
But Again And Again It Was Washed Away
That Little Flutter Of Hope, It Also Took Away
The Butterfly Of Love Wrenched Away From My Hands
I Tried To Hold On, But It Dropped Me Back To Land
Falling To The Ground, I Felt The Icy Water Engulf Me
And As I Began To Lose, My Heartbeat Betrayed Me
And As The Sea Took Me As Its Rightful Prey
My Mind Went Back To You, And My Heart Prayed
May You Never Find Love, May All Betray You
May Misfortune Follow You Wherever You Go
May Your Life Rot In A Continuous Woe
May Your Death Come In The Most Revengeful Way