I8217ll be your peter pan and we

I’ll Be Your Peter Pan
And We Can Fly Away
Off To Never Land
Our Scars Will Heal;
With Time In Our Bags
We’ll Steal.

We’ll Guard Our Tears;
Throw Away And Destroy
All Fears.
We’ll Build A Castle Of Sugar
And Hold It All Together
With Peanut Butter.
You’ll Have My Heart
To Keep Our World From
Falling Apart.
And I Have Yours
Around My Neck
In My Locket.
We Can Play Hide And
Seek. So, Count To 20
And Do Not Peek.
‘Here I Come, Ready Or
Not, ‘ Deep Inside You
Know The Spot.
When Time Is Not Ours
And We Do Not Starve
We Are Untroubled.
In This World Of Pixie Dust
And In This Heart I Have
Endless Trust.
So Let’s Fly Away
Leave Behind The Grey.