I8217m tired of everything being the same

I’m Tired Of Everything Being The Same
One More Life Another Pointless Game
I’m Tired Of Looking At The Knife
Hoping To Die Ending This Meaningless Life
I’m Tired Of Looking For Someone To Hold
When There’s No One There So I’m Left In The Cold
I’m Wanting To End This Life I Lead
But Instead I Stay While In My Dreams I Fled
I Wish I Could Just Up And Die
No One Would Care I Was Only To Cry
I Wish I Could Help Everyone
But Instead I Cant Their Led To The Gun..
I Want To Be The Hero And Save The Day
Instead I Have Saved Zero More Lives To Pay
I Don’t Want You To Hurt Everyone Out There
Just Know That I Am Here And Will Forever Care
For I Have Been Hurt Countless Times Before
And Yet It Just Comes Back Always Haunting Me For More
I Don’t Want You To Suffer And Hurt Like I Did
For There’s To Much Pain I Refuse To Die As A Kid
And I Hope You Do The Same Because Life Has Much To Give
It Would Be A Shame If You Decided Not To Live
So The Message To This Poem Is To Always Try Your Best
And Try To Be Different Stick Out From The Rest
Cause You Are Strong And Some Day You’ll See
That You Can Belong Just As It Came To Me.