If i promise you forever will it

If I Promise You Forever,
Will It Bring You Comfort For Awhile?
Stop The Worries And Cure The Frights
And Cause Your Soul To Smile
Will It Allow Your Heart To Sing A Ballad
A Long Forgotten Song-Â…
Of Passion And Dreams, Unforeseen
To Help Your Body And Spirit Be Strong
Will The Memories Of All Our Days
Help To Get You Through-Â…
The Days, The Months, While We-‘re Apart
Oh, How I Long To Be With You
Will The Words I Speak Into The Night
Find Your Waiting Ear-Â…
To Tell You How My Love Has Grown
With Each Passing Year
Fear Not My Force To Conquer The Days
That Would Tear Others Apart-Â…
I Have The Power Of My Love, My Soldier
Held Deep Within My Heart
Times May Come When Tears May Fall
You Know I Cannot Lie-Â…
But True Love Survives The Toughest Of All
We Still Stand Under The Same Sky
Our Hearts, Our Souls, Our Essence, Our Love
Will Keep Us Close Together-Â…
As We Face The Years With Our Heads Held High
My Love, I Promise You Forever.