If love were water i would never

If Love Were Water I Would Never Stop Swimming In Your
If Love Were Roses I Would Never Stop Picking Them For
If Love Were Stars We Would Live In The Sky…
If Love Were A Pot Of Gold I Would Let You Have A Rainbow
In Your Everyday…
If Love Were Were A Sea Shore We Would Walk On The Beach
But Seeing That Love Is “You!” My Alpha & Omega We Will
Create All The Above In Our Dreams & Hold Onto The
Beautiful Memories We Make & Have Each Passing Day!
Without “You!”…. My Life Would Be Meaningless, Without
Seeing Your Beautiful Smile My Tears Would Flow, Without
Your Warm Touch I Would Be Totally Lost & Forlorn. Walk
With Me Forever, Hold My Hand Never Let It Go, Never Take
The Magical Feeling From Me Just Please Love Me Forever As
I Do “You!”.
You Are So Irresitable My Beautiful Maiden!
Love You With All Of Me Baby Girl!