Im not sure why i still trust

I-‘m Not Sure Why I Still Trust You
After, Well-Â…you Know.
You Pretend That You Don-‘t Understand,
Convinced Yourself Innocent,
But It-‘s All Make-Believe I Think, At Least
Sometimes When I-‘m Being Lucid
Instead Of Reading You Like I Normally Do,
With Flowers On My Eyes,
All My X-‘s And O-‘s In Place And My Heart
Pumping The Purest White Blood
Through What Remains Of Me.
Sometimes The Daisies Slip And I See The Truth,
Harsh, Ugly, Bitter, Accusing Exactness Of Reality…
How Quickly You Replace The Daisy With A Rose!
Not Noticing The Crown Of Thorns, I Smell Lavender
Wafting On The Wind Of Your Words.
(Good Move, Fast Thinking -— You Know It Calms Me,
Do You Rinse Your Mouth In Flowers?)
Again, I-‘m Falling And You-‘re Catching Me,
And I Know You-‘re What You Say You Are,
And I Sign My Life With X-‘s And O-‘s In Place,
And I Still Love You