In such little an age things i

In Such Little An Age, Such Things I Hav Seen.
That People Of My Age,Just Can’t Imagine.
I Always Wanted 2 B,That Ellite Groups Member.
Whom After The Death Also,People Will Always Remember.
So I Started Doing Everything,
That I Cud Under The Sun.
N Thus Bcame Jack Of All Trades,
But Master Of None.
Everywhere I Go People Xpect,Me Always 2 Make Fun.
But My Frnz This U Sud Accept,That I M Not D Sun.
Sun Can Give Light Without Disruption Non-Stop,
But Alas!Dear Due 2 Sorrows I M Bound 2 Stop.
I M Not As Bad,As I Do Pretend.
But I M Much More Sad,Than That What I Send.
Many People In My Life ,I Had Trusted.
But Afterwards I Was Very Sorry,Since They Were All Rusted.
At Last I Wud Only Say That,
That I Just Don’t Lie,
Wen I Say They Go In Life Very High,
Who Come Out Of The Words Me N I