In the darkness my soul awaits

In The Darkness , My Soul Awaits
Anticipating , My Final Fate-Â…
As I Stare, Off Into Spac
I Dare Not Look , Upon His Face
Fore In His Eyes, I May 4c
What He Has, Instore For Me
The Burning Snow, Or The Clouds Grey
I Wonder, M Just A Bird Of Prey
As I C , Into The Eyes Of Thee
Someone Tells Me ,That M Free
Ma Soul Is Trapped, Ma Body Is Free
The Doors Is Wide Open, No Wings 2 Flee
All I C, Is A Burning Me-Â…
A Splashing Storm, In A Calm Sea
Say All The Wise, And All Literate
The Choice Is Urs ,N Not Ur Fate
I Say Life,S To Hard To Live
But Death Is Too Final 2 Give
So, Sometime, Its So Hard To Choose
N I Always Fear, I,Ll Loose
But I Hav To Choose , I Hav To See
Hope A Better 2morow Will Glee
So, I,Ll Only Ask Thee
Wht Is It, Written 4 Me?-Â…l