In the light of day darkness night

In The Light Of Day
In The Darkness Of Night
Through The Worst Times
Through The Best Times
You Are Always On My Mind

When Your Depressed And Down
When You Feel Lonely And Just Want To Cry
Remember You Have Me
Ill Always Be Here For You No Matter What
No Matter What You Think
Its Hard To Hide From The Truth
The Truths Is I Love You
So Don’t Be Sad
Don’t Worry About Anything Because You Have Me
When You Think Your Alone
Remember I’m Here
Ill Always Be Here
Here When You Need Me
Here When You Don’t
Here When You Love Me
Here When Doubt Me
Here When You Think I’m Not
Here No Matter What
It Doesn’t Matter
I’m Here No Matter
No Matter The Weather,The Day,The Time,The Date,Or The Place
Ill Always Be Here
With Always The Same Love And Care For You
As Always
Never Forgetting
I Have You
And Never Want To Leave You
You Make No Matter What Has Happened In The Past
Feel Pointless And Stupid
Because You Take Me Away From That
You Take Me To A Place Where I Feel At Home
Only When I’m With You
Never Wanting To Leave Your Precious Sight
Basically Because Of The Love We Share