In the morning when i wake up

In The Morning When I Wake Up,
And I Open Up My Eyes,
I Feel An Aching In My Heart,
That’s When I Realize.
How Much I Really Miss You,
And Long To Have You Near,
My Heart Is Filled With Sadness,
And My Eyes Are Filled With Tears.
At Different Times Throughout The Day,
I Find I’m Missing You,
And I Wonder If, Perhaps A Bit,
Maybe You Miss Me Too.
I Miss You In The Shower,
When I’m In There All Alone,
And When I Want To Hear Your Voice,
And Call You On The Phone.
When I Check My Email,
And I Find There’s Nothing There,
I Can’t Help It That I Worry,
And I Put You In My Prayers.
I Think By Now It’s Safe To Say,
That I Miss You Very Much,
And My Heart Will Never Be The Same,
Since It Suffered Cupid’s Touch