It hasnt been long since you have

It Hasnt Been Long Since You Have Left
And I Know Theres A Long Way To Go
But Before You Return To My Loving Arms
I Just Want You To Know,
If I Could Walk The Furthest Distance
I Would Walk Right Up To You
Id Never Let You Go Again
And I Hope You Know Its True
If I Could Fly My Way Into Your Arms
So We Could Be Together
I Wouldnt Waste A Single Moment
Id Grow Great Wings Of Feathers
If I Could Swim Across The Oceans
To Hold You Right Here Tonight
I Would Take The Very Deepest Of Breaths
And Swim Right Through Til Light
If I Could Just Be With You Now
Id Do All These Things, I Would.
Id Travel The Hardest Journey To See You
Oh But… If Only I Could.
by Happyheartx