Its half past twelve and all around

It-‘s Half Past Twelve
And All Around
The Drunkies Head For Home
Some Are Walking
Some Are Talking
Some Are Better Left Alone
Who-‘re You Lookin-‘ At-Â…
Strangled Laughs At Jokes Unfunny
Strangled Bars Of Song
The Drunkies-‘ Never Stuck For Money
The Craic Keeps Rolling On
Two More Pints Of Craic
And A Small Craic With Ice
And Have One Yourself-Â…
To Broken Homes And Broken Wives
The Drunkies Stagger Back
Broken Promises, Broken Noses
Bedroom Opens, Romance Closes
Tears On A Pillow Not A Bed Of Roses
Have You -‘ere A Cigarette…
But There-‘s Nuttin-‘ Heavy Like…
No Drugs… None O-‘ That Shit…
Only The Few Pints Like…
And The Craic….
Y-‘ Know Yourself