Its her that gets to hold you

Its Her That Gets To Hold You All Through Out The Night
Its Her That Gets To Hear Your Beautiful Voice Whisper Good Night
And Shes The One Who Gets All My Kisses On The Cheek
And She Gets To Feel Your Hand On Her Face, Is That The Same Way You Touch Me?
But When You Do Touch Me Oh How That Touch Makes My Heartrate Peak
I Long To Feel Your Kisses And Your Arms Around Mne Tight
I Feel So Safe And Protected In Your Arms Oh How I Wish They Would Always Be Mine
I Long To Hear Your Whispered Words In My Ear All Day.
But Then The Tears Start To Fall Because Your Words Fade Then Just All Together Disappear
You Say You Really Like Me And Guess What I Like You Too,
But Now That Like Has Turned To Love And Now Theres Know Turning Back
I Know I Get To See You But Only For An Hour Thats Not Enough
But In That Hour Im So Happy I Know In Your Arms Is Where I Belong
But I Know That Cant Happen You And I Can Never Be
We Can Like And Love All We Want Its Not Going To Change A Damn Thing
For That Ring Is A Symbol Of How Much You Love Her
All The Things I Want They All Belong To Her
I Wish It Was Me In That Beautiful Picture With You,Smiling And Laughing Holding Those Champaine Flutes
But Instead Its Your Wife You Hold Instead Of Holding Me I Look At That Picture And My Silent Tears Fall
For If You Find One Of My Tears Keep It Safe It Holds All My Love For You Inside
I Know I Can Never Tell You This Is The Way I Really Feel
Oneday You May Mind This Buried From Us By Time
And Think Yeah I Really Did Love That Girl
She Was My Most Beautiful Mistake
I Should Have Never Let Her Go
I Should Have Made Her All Mine!!!
by roxanne lee