Its like tempest im out of joint

It-‘s Like Tempest!
I-‘m Out Of Joint!!
Where Meet Parallels: There-‘s No Such Point?
Lines Are, Now, Diverging Oddly:
My Perceptions Are No More Buoyant!
My Mind Sails, Through An Unknown Sea!
Now, Its Pitch Dark: And, I Can-‘t See!
Can-‘t You Now, Hold My Hand? Darling!
I-‘m Hopeful; You Might Have Some Key!!
I Might See, Through Your Eyes, Light Beams?
It-‘s Some Thing Tough, This Time: It Seems!
Trees Are, Shedding Fast, All Their Leaves!
My Chest Now Seldom Swells, In Heaves!
Breeze Blows No More; It-‘s Hot And Rough!
I Wait Restlessly, For Forthcoming Eves!
But, Evenings Are As Bad, Sans You!
There-‘s Darkness Only, In My View:
And Then, I-‘m Still More Restless; Dear,
As If, I-‘m Held-Up For Curfew!
Come On! I May Get Some Respite;
From Pining Heart, And Shocking Dreams!
It-‘s Some Thing Tough, This Time: It Seems!!
Want You, My Exit From All Fun?
Want You, I-‘m Lonely And Despaired?
Or That, From Me, You Want To Run;
To Escape, From Memories Shared?
Tell Me Frankly, What-‘s There In Store,
For Me; If Things Have Turned So Bad?
I-‘ve Endured; And, I-‘ll Endure More!
That-‘s Okay: You Must Not Be Sad!!
Don-‘t Bother, Dear, For My Sufferings:
I-‘m Not That Fit, For The Saucy Creams!!
It-‘s Some Thing Tough, This Time: It Seems!!