Its not just for me us lets

It-‘s Not Just For Me; It-‘s For Us
Let-‘s Live We Can-‘t Escape This Rush?
I Mean: I Mean, Yes, This Wild Rush
We Can-‘t Avoid The Life; As Such
It-‘s Tough As Much It-‘s Blessed As Much
It-‘s Worth Living It-‘s Worth Winning
And, Once, One Has Companionship
Of Your Mind-Set: One Must Worship
I Want To Live: To The Best Of Me
Matters Not:‚ ‚ ‚  One Is He, Or She?
Let, All These Blooms Belong Us All
Face Life As Such: Blush Or Non-Blush
Let-‘s Live We Can-‘t Escape This Rush
Let Be It A Rise Let Be It A Fall
You Came In Arms: Moistened The Palms
Pulse Grew Bouncing, Declining Calms
Oh, Love It-‘s Love All Pounding Love
And, It-‘s Pure Pang Who-‘s Hawk?
Who-‘s Dove? These Lovely Skies: These Lovely Stars
Are Fruits Of Love; Or Endless Wars
Come, Hold My Hand; It-‘s Tough And Rough
Don-‘t Go That Far?‚  It-‘s All Enough
Don-‘t Kiss Me; If, It Comforts Not?
But, Touch Me: For, My Veins Are Hot
Please Touch Me; Might I Fail To Live?
If You Can-‘t Take; Why-‘d You Then Give?
It-‘s Not For Me; But For Us Both