Language is flowering new blooms of meaning

Language Is Flowering, New Blooms Of Meaning
Abound Everywhere: Reintarnation, Returning To
Life As An Idiot Bozo
Bozone, A Substance That Stops Bright Ideas From
Penetrating, Karmageddon, People Sending Off Bad
Vibes, The Earth Exploding
Decafalon, Getting Through The Day Consuming Only
What-‘s Good For You; Dopeler Effect, Stupid Ideas
Seeming Smarter When Coming At You Rapidly
Beelzebug, Satan As A Mosquito, Abdicate, Give Up All
Hope Of Having A Flat Stomach; Oyster, Sprinkling My
Conversation With Yiddishisms
Lymph, To Walk With A Lisp
Oi Vey, I-‘m A Lonely Oyster Walking With A Lymph Today,
My Present Existence Is A Reintarnation, My Only Hope
Karmageddon To End It All, I Have Abdicated Ages Ago,
No Decafalon Could Ever Save Me, Living Life In Bozone