Last night i have read again those

Last Night I Have Read Again Those Old,
Love Letters Of Yours
Surely You Didn’t Think
That I Had Still Preserved Them Somewhere.
I Have Seen Again Among The Consumed Lines
Your Weeping And Your Smiles,
Your Running To Me Without Breath
And Your Sad Eyes.
I Thought That It Would Have Been Beautiful
To Read Them Once More With You.
I Have Not Responded To You Before,
And I Don’t Know If Now It Is Too Late,
Surely, It May Be So-Â…
Leave In Me At Least That Memory
That Continuously Revives My Being
Let Your Smile Live Inside My Soul,
Let Your Hair Go Down On Your Shoulders
As I Always Liked . .
So Much Time Have Passed Away,
Who Knows Now Where You Are
And How You Are Living….
Leave In Me The Memories Of The Days
Of Happiness That You Have Given Me,
Leave Me…
And Close The Door, While Turning Your Back-Â…
Leaves The Key As You Always
Did Before Going…
And Listen… I Pray You…